Plate Tectonics on Europa

    Besides its icy surface crisscrossed with innumerable crack lines, Europa, one of the four biggest moons of Jupiter, intrigued planetologists for decades

    Philae Wakes up

    “Hello Earth, can you hear me?” The lander Philae, which the European Space Agency (ESA) put on the surface of comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko last

    Philae Silence Dashes Hopes

    Optimism evaporates as host comet nears Sun...The optimistic expectations, triggered by a message on June 13 from the long-dormant lander Philae which

    Philae Completes Tasks

    Sleep well, Philae; you were fantastic!Completed its assigned tasks before mishaps drained it of powerThree days after it pulled off a first

    People Made Happy Here!

    “Can you paint happiness for me?”The answer to the challenge renowned Turkish poet Nazim Hikmet set for no-less-renowned artist Abidin Dino more