When Oceans Link …

    The sudden and inconceivably rapid proliferation and diversification of life forms some 530 million years ago is dubbed the Cambrian Explosion by

    We are Partly Microbial!

    Bacterial, viral and archaeal genes in human genome... All humans carry up to 145 genes incorporated into their genome from bacteria, viruses and

    Water Flows on Mars!

    Briny, but water is water...After keeping the world in suspense for days, NASA announced the presence  of evidence for intermittent flow of

    Vapor at Europa

    Observations with Hubble Space Telescope showed Jupiter’s icy moon  Europa was spewing water vapor from its southern pole to heights up to

    Untouchable Genes

    One change will kill you before you are born... A landmark study by geneticists has identified 3230 genes which are essential for life