Energetic Photographs!

    Charge your mobiles with your selfie... A research group, including a Turkish Ph.D. student, succeeded in printing photographs which collect and store solar

    Brain under Hypnosis

    Intense concentration reducing consciousness...  Stanford University researchers for the first time unveiled the changes in the brains of people in hypnotic trance. The findings

    Meteor Shower Awed

    Over a hundred per hour... It’s difficult to count them and even more so making a wish before the streak of light whizzing

    Longest Living Vertebrate

    At least 400 years old... Danish scientists have established that the longevity record among the vertebrates belongs to the Greenland shark (Somniosus microcephalus)

    Ötzi Gets on the Catwalk

    Assorted leathers, casual style.. The last days of  a man , posthumously named Ötzi because his mummified body was discovered in a partly-melted