Philae Wakes up

    “Hello Earth, can you hear me?” The lander Philae, which the European Space Agency (ESA) put on the surface of comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko last

    Philae Silence Dashes Hopes

    Optimism evaporates as host comet nears Sun...The optimistic expectations, triggered by a message on June 13 from the long-dormant lander Philae which

    Philae Completes Tasks

    Sleep well, Philae; you were fantastic!Completed its assigned tasks before mishaps drained it of powerThree days after it pulled off a first

    People Made Happy Here!

    “Can you paint happiness for me?”The answer to the challenge renowned Turkish poet Nazim Hikmet set for no-less-renowned artist Abidin Dino more