Ötzi Gets on the Catwalk

    Assorted leathers, casual style.. The last days of  a man , posthumously named Ötzi because his mummified body was discovered in a partly-melted

    You are your Smartphone!

    Personalities go into brand choice... Smartphones provide important clues about their owners, concludes a study from a Ph.D. student in U.K. Heather Johnson from

    Trip to α Cen – sort of

    But there’s a problem... Spaceships are somewhat small – weighing less than a gram! The one envisaged by  Russian billionaire Yuri Milner who

    “Not face” Same Everywhere

    Negative sentiments move same muscles... A study authored by researchers from the Ohio State University has determined that facial expression conveying negative responses

    What Happens if all Humanity Cries?

    Can a river be cried?                                                                           If suddenly all the people in the world begin to cry, will shed tears form a river? “Cry me