Porous Liquid Developed

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Just right to counter carbon emissions…

Researchers at Queen’s University (Northern Ireland) have developed a “porous liquid”, which, along with many other potential applications, is seen as a groundbreaking tool for carbon sequestration technologies.

The outstanding feature of the material, developed by researchers from the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering with the collaboration of researchers from the University of Liverpool and scientists from various countries, is its ability to trap large amounts of dissolved gas in its pores.

Describing the study published in Nature, Prof. Stuart James notes that in order to form the porous structures, which could only be done with solid materials until now, in liquids as well, they had to walk the road backward to design the structures of molecules in the liquid.

The technology they had developed is in experimental stage to discover what could be done with these materials, Prof. James, points out, voicing hopes that with studies maturing within the next few years, a broad spectrum of applications based on dissolution of gases will be realized. 


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