DNA Sequenced in Space

    Landmark experiment on ISS... DNA base pairs had been successfully sequenced in microgravity in a milestone experiment conducted aboard the International Space Station

    Ötzi Gets on the Catwalk

    Assorted leathers, casual style.. The last days of  a man , posthumously named Ötzi because his mummified body was discovered in a partly-melted

    Genes Shaping Your Nose

    Pointing up, down, narrow, flat? A study based on data from over 6,000 people of different ancestry across Latin America concludes that four

    From Stem Cell to Healthy Sperm

    Raised hopes for treatment of male infertility Achieving a long-sought objective, Chinese researchers produced functional sperms in a laboratory dish, using stem cells.

    Untouchable Genes

    One change will kill you before you are born... A landmark study by geneticists has identified 3230 genes which are essential for life