Google Aims for 100% Renewable Energy

Science Fields

Internet giant Google has announced in December 2016 that all of their data centres and offices will be running on renewable energy in the new year. So, every time you use Google’s search engines, YouTube, Gmail or other services, a renewable energy source will be powering the data on your fingertips.

Google has been working on this plan since 2012 and was already the biggest corporate buyer of renewable energy. Company’s founders have stated that they acknowledge climate change a real threat and are convinced that they have to do their part. They express their interest in solar and wind energy to start with, and imply they are ready to make contracts and investments on other low-carbon technologies. The company also has opened up a new website telling about their initiatives on environmental awareness: https://environment.google/

Other tech giants are also making progress on clean energy usage. Apple says that 93% of its worldwide operations are powered by renewable energy and they are planning to support clean energy generating projects. Facebooks also aims to have 50% percent of its energy demand powered by clean energy by 2018.

We hope to announce more names on the list of big companies joining this movement.




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