Wouldn’t you want to be our partner, share our mission and join our efforts at this Web site we have launched to contribute to the quest of a SCIENCE-LITERATE PUBLIC which will produce and nurture new generations who will take our country to the place it has to occupy in the realm of science and technology?


Everybody has a duty and responsibility in the mobilization for taking science out of the exclusive turf of a caste of professionals, popularizing and disseminating it, promoting and nurturing the urge to learn, keeping alive people’s curiosity. We eagerly await papers, articles and projects written in popular language from academics of every rank, post-graduate, graduate, undergraduate and high-school students and call on them to share their thoughts and views with us. Does that mean we’re snubbing primary schools? Of course not! We hope to add a section tailored for primary school pupils in shortest possible time. But until then, we are expecting their contributions and guidance from the pupils and, of course, their teachers.


At KUrious, you will find various sections where you can share your thoughts and proposals. And for your articles and projects to appear at our Web site, first of all send your ID and communication data, and such information as the level of education, field of expertise and a brief summary of the article you want to contribute, along with such preliminary data as the likely date for the final copy as well as the list of references to kurious@ku.edu.tr. Your proposals will be evaluated by the editor and editorial board of the Web site who will respond with possible guidance and proposals.


Contributors should try to limit their articles to 1000 words and news stories to about 300-400.


In academic contributions, care should be taken to avoid technical terms comprehensible only to the expert, and when necessary, to clarify them with explanations in brackets tuned to the level of laymen. The contributions should be written in simple, colloquial language and informal style and should be supplemented with photographs and graphics.


As you should have noticed, besides Turkish, our Web site also features an English section addressed to the foreign students and the outside world in general. This provides you with an opportunity to project your image abroad and develop international contacts. In order to avail themselves of this opportunity, those with an adequate level of English should preferably send their contribution in both languages.


These rules are here to help the contributors to reach the right public with right impact and ensure the widespread public comprehension of their products. They are not barriers erected to limit outside contributions. Our Web site is not a cold, scary chateau built with huge stones, conveying a feeling of inaccessibility. Nor is it a cozy club for the elites to chat among themselves. On the contrary, it’s a vibrant, colorful fairground with windows and gardens bedecked with flowers, planted with seedlings to be watered and grown by everyone in unison, where knowledge will be offered by volunteers at colorful stalls of scientific disciplines, where everyone will feel the magic and experience the joy of learning and teaching.


In front of our wide-open door, we are full of excitement as we are eagerly waiting to welcome you.